The real answer is NO, yes you can override the system but this will last only for a few minutes normally 15.

EXAMPLE you set the unit to close the door at 7pm but you use the - button to close it at 5pm it will open again at 5.15 approx. So the + and - buttons are test functions only.

The software on the Titan Incubators Automatic Chicken House Door Openers was written by my design and i wanted the unit within a cost effective situation to test constantly thought every day that the door is always in the correct position so on average it runs a small diagnostic program every 15 minutes or so. When doing this self test it will check the settings you put in and check the door position to ensure that it is correct, so if you did a - button press at 5pm it will know that the master settings you had were 7pm so it would raise the door again on this self test and only lower it at 7pm.


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